DIN 434    Square wedge washer for U-girders, with 8% slant

DIN 435    Square wedge washer for I-girders, with 14% slant

DIN 436    Square washer

DIN 988    Distance washer

DIN 1440    Round washer for pivots

DIN 1441    Round washer for pivots

DIN 2093    Plate washer

DIN 6319C    Spherical washer

DIN 6319D    Conical tub for spherical washers

DIN 6319G    Conical tub for spherical washers

DIN 6340    Washer for high-strength joints

DIN 6916    Round washer for steel structure joints

DIN 6917    Square wedge washer for HV bolts and I-girders, with 14% slant

DIN 6918    Square wedge washer for HV bolts and U-girders, with 8% slant

DIN 7603   Sealing washer

DIN 7989A    Washer for steel structures 

DIN 7989B    Washer for steel structures

Washer for countersunk head bolt 90° 

Washer for countersunk head structural screws 


  • Form Z – for cheese head bolts 
  • Form K – with contact protrusions 
  • Form S – with small outer diameter 
  • Form M – with medium outer diameter 
  • Form B – with large outer diameter 

Contact washer

  • Form P - with contact protrusions 
  • Form S - with small outer diameter 
  • Form M - with medium outer diameter 
  • Form B - with large outer diameter 

RIPP-LOCK washer 

Sealing washer with rubber 

Washer for fastening roofing materials

Sealing rubber washer for fastening roofing materials

Saddle washer

  • Rolled  
  • Unrolled 

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