Orders may be submitted in writing (by e-mail, fax, post), by telephone or in person at the Commercial Department.

Orders must contain the following identification details of the customer:

  • Trade name
  • Company Number
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (VAT)
  • Billing and delivery address
  • Telephone contact (for any further specification of the order)
  • E-mail to which confirmation of the order should be sent
  • E-mail to which the electronic invoice should be sent (in the case of payment by bank transfer)

An order must contain the following information about the goods ordered, according to which the goods may be correctly identified:

  • standard (DIN, ISO, ČSN or other specification, for example drawing documentation)
  • material
  • surface treatment
  • dimensions
  • number of pieces
  • where applicable, the agreed price or reference to our price offer

Another method of ordering goods, for customers who have registered in our e-shop, is to place a direct electronic order. This method of placing an order comes with a 5 % discount.

If the customer requests as such, we are also able to provide the option of ordering goods with the use of EDI communication.


Goods in stock from orders delivered by 10:00 a.m. will be expedited on the same day and delivered within 48 hours (within the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic).

Goods in stock from orders delivered after 10:00 a.m. will be expedited on the next day and delivered within 72 hours (within the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic).

For goods which are not in stock, a price offer is compiled, stating the possible term of delivery.

We ship goods to the customer using contractual shipping services.

We are connected to a system of shipment tracking, which makes it possible for us to inform the customer immediately of the status of its consignment. If the shipment has already been delivered, we find out the time and the name of the employee who accepted the consignment.

Goods can also be collected in person at the dispatching warehouse in Úpice (if you are able to provide us with the approximate time of collecting the goods in the order, we guarantee fast handling without any waiting).

We can also deliver goods to our customers in the form of KANBAN, now using modern technology.

  • We keep a back-up supply of goods at our warehouse for such customers and in doing so we reduce their storage costs and can at the same time attend to regular and smooth replenishment of goods to production (automatically generated orders using barcode scanners).
  • We compile a proposal for the best resolution of KANBAN deliveries of goods, tailor-made for each particular customer, based on the information provided (required range, its labelling, consumption during the relevant period, spatial capacities, etc.).

We deal with deliveries of goods to other countries on an individual basis. We deliver goods using our contractual shipping service. Customers can also collect goods themselves or using their own shipping service from the dispatching warehouse in Úpice.


The prices of goods change depending on the prices of input materials and the fluctuation of the exchange rate of the CZK to the € and the $.

Customers who have registered for the Internet shop have the opportunity to find out the latest prices right away.

We keep a back-up supply of goods at our warehouse for customers to which we supply goods using the KANBAN system (regular deliveries of goods directly to production) for a contractual price agreed in advance.

If required, we can deliver an exact quantity of goods and not just a whole package from the manufacturer – we charge an unpacking fee of CZK 100 for this service.

  • the unpacking fee is only charged when the customer requires a lower quantity than the number of pieces in one package;
  • the unpacking fee does not apply to packages of up to 25 pieces or to items according to DIN 6914, 6915, 6916, 7990, 975, 6880 and NORD-LOCK washers.

Sets of goods packed as required can also be prepared for a fee.

The terms and conditions of payment

  • These are subject to agreement. In general, we only provide regular customers with the opportunity to pay invoices by bank transfer. The payment term is arranged by agreement with the customer and depends on the reliability of the customer in paying invoices.
  • Customers can pay by cash when collecting their goods in person at the dispatching warehouse in Úpice.
  • We value customers that pay on time, just as we have to pay our own suppliers on time. For this reason we offer our customers a discount of 2 % when they pay invoices within 7 days – more information is provided on individual invoices.

Receiving goods

  • Receiving goods is understood to be signing a delivery note or advice of delivery from the shipping company or the post office.
  • The customer should only accept consignments from the shipping service or from the post office with no visible signs of damage.
  • If a consignment is visibly damaged, the customer must write up an official record with the carrier and if after opening the consignment the customer discovers that the contents were damaged in transit, it must inform the dealer of this in writing or by telephone without delay (within one business day).

Quality on receiving and rights arising from defective performance

The responsibility of the seller for quality is given by the Civil Code. The seller is accountable to the buyer for goods being faultless when received by the buyer. The seller is primarily accountable to the buyer for the fact that, at the time when the buyer receives the goods:

  • the goods have the properties which the parties agreed and, if there is no such agreement, such properties which the seller or the manufacturer described or which the buyer expected with regard to the nature of the goods and based on the advertising of the seller or the manufacturer;
  • the goods are suitable for the purpose of use which the seller states or for which an item of this kind is normally used;
  • the goods correspond, in terms of quality or execution, to the agreed sample or model, if quality or execution was specified according to an agreed sample or model;
  • the goods arrive in the corresponding quantity, measurement or weight;
  • the goods comply with the requirements of legal regulations

If a fault appears in the course of the six months following acceptance, it is considered that the goods were faulty upon acceptance.

The buyer is, in accordance with the provisions of Section 2165 of the Civil Code, authorised to exercise a right arising from a fault which appears in goods, in its packaging, in the instructions enclosed with the goods or in advertising in accordance with the period of time for which the goods can be used, as specified by other legal regulations; the time limits specified in the relevant provisions on warranties for quality apply to the exercise of rights arising from liability for faults.

The provisions of Section 2165 of the Civil Code do not apply;

  • to goods sold for a lower price as a result of a defect for which the lower price is agreed;
  • to wear and tear of goods caused by using them in the standard way;
  • in the case of used goods, to a fault which corresponds to the degree of use of wear and tear which the goods had when being accepted by the buyer; or
  • if it ensues from the nature of the goods.

Information about claims and returns can be found in the Claims and Returns Procedure.